Monsoon paddy harvested in Sittway, Rakhine State

Monsoon paddy harvesting was being done by the Department of Agriculture on the farm of U Tun Win, No.48 in field No.570, Ywar Thit Kay Village, Sittway Township, Rakhine State on 3 November.

 The harvesting work was done by nine people including U Tin Aung of the Maungtaw District, other district staff, U Tin Aye, the head of the township department and his staff.

The Sin Thwe Latt paddy species is the most cultivated paddy species in Sittway and among the most popular of paddy species by consumers. In 2017-2018, 4,500 acres of Sin Thwe Latt were included among the 23,188 acres of total cultivated paddy in Sittway Township.

While harvesting the Sin Thwe Latt species, an acre of paddy yielded 89.82 baskets of paddy before drying and 81.92 baskets after drying the grain.